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Instrument Repair

We offer a repair service for most instruments.

Typical repairs might be:

  • Guitars & Ukuleles

    • Change a single string​

    • Replace all strings

    • Fix electronic faults

    • Replace machine heads

    • Limited set up

  • Violins/Violas/Cellos

    • Replace strings

    • Reposition/replace bridges

  • Woodwind

    • Adjust pads​

    • Replace pads

    • Full service

  • Brass

    • Clean and adjust​

Please bring instruments in a protective case or bag.

Guideline Prices

(actual prices will vary according to work required)

Repair Prices.png

Some repairs are conducted in-house,  more complex ones are sent off-site and will take more time to complete. 

nb: Currently we do not have a realistic repair service for brass and woodwind instruments. We would hope to rectify this in the future but in the meantime we can point you in the direction of other repairers.

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